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I am proud to partner with A.L. Lowe Custom Framing located in beautiful, historic Uptown New Orleans.  

Jessica Killeen, Vice President and Framer Extroidinare, is familiar with my work and can assist you in choosing the perfect mat and frame style for your new JKB original.

Should you choose to work with A.L. Lowe Custom Framing, I will happily deliver your new painting to A.L. Lowe the week of your purchase.  

Upon receipt, you will be contacted by Jessica Killeen to begin the custom framing process.  Turnaround time is typically 3-4 weeks, door to door.  All charges related to custom framing (deposit, balance and shipping) will be billed direct to you by A.L. Lowe Custom Framing.  

Should you have any questions regarding A.L. Lowe’s Custom Framing process, please do not hesitate to contact Jessica Killeen at (504) 861-0395.  

A.L. Lowe Custom Framing is located at 1126 S. Carrollton Ave, NOLA 70118. 

*Upon art delivery to A.L. Lowe Custom Framing, I will share your name, telephone number and email address only.



Custom Framing Handling Fee

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